Minggu, 14 November 2010


I got an interesting information this morning while downloading Lets Go! Dream Team (kekeke) about the tears effect. Don't you know that it's considering healthy if you let go your tears when you felling sad?

According to republika.co.id in an article titled 'Tears that Lead you to Heaven', tears come from emotional crying is totally different from accidental crying while cutting onion (tears caused by irritant). Emotional tears contain toxic substances while accidental tears caused by irritant not. The cause is not specifically written so I googled and found the fact from here as written below:

"At the St Paul Ramsey Medical Center in Minnesota, tears caused by simple irritants were compared to those brought on by emotion. Researcher William Frey found that stress-induced tears actually remove toxic ‘substances’ from the body. Volunteers were led to cry first from watching sad movies, and then from freshly cut onions. The researchers found that the tears from the movies, called emotional tears, contained far more toxic biological byproducts. Weeping, they concluded, is an excretory process which removes toxic substances that normally build up during emotional stress.

The simple act of crying also reduces the body’s manganese level, a mineral which affects mood and is found in up to 30 times greater concentration in tears than in blood serum. They also found that emotional tears contain 24 per cent higher albumin protein concentration than tears caused by eye irritants.8

The researchers concluded that chemicals built up by the body during stress were removed by tears, which actually lowered stress. These include the endorphin leucine-enkephalin, which helps to control pain, and prolactin, a hormone which regulates milk production in mammals.

They found that one of the most important of those compounds which removed tears was adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH), one of the best indicators of stress. Suppressing tears increases stress levels, and contributes to diseases aggravated by stress, such as high blood pressure, heart problems and peptic ulcers'"

Wow, so spilled out emotional tears is recommended, guys!!. But let's see it with Islamic view (from Republika.co.id), it is noted that person who loved crying often labeled as crying baby, crying over another person with 'worldly reason' is negative, but crying when remembered Allah SWT is considerly positive especially when we're pray and reflect to our sin. According to a hadith, "There're eyes that forbidden to hell, the eyes that is not sleeping all night in the struggle Fisabilillah and eyes that cry for fear of Allah".

So pries sincerely from your heart till your tears spilled out my friend, it's healthy and positive!!!

Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

What are you gonna do?

The question sometimes bugging me and make me restless, as a new comer of NEET world (NEET = Not in Education, Employment or Training) I don't know what I'm gonna do. I have plans, of course, but the troubles are how to execute it..

Let's see,, My TEFL PBT scores quite sufficient, my GPA score quite sufficient, my organization's experience,, only 2 years, my research's experience 2 years, my English experience,, nada, if I took TOEFL IBT (the one with writing and speaking skills are investigated) I'm sure my score would get downfall the cliff and barely live with a lot of fracture bones. That makes me curious, had I been deceived by English Learning Center? Because this last 2 years, I didn't feel any change in my active English skills.

Oh well, maybe we'll just keep trying and working hard to write my motivation letters, haha

Selasa, 21 September 2010

Skip Beat's Live Action

Just read an article about Skip Beat's casts this morning

"Glamorous Challenge is a remake drama of a Japanese comic called Skip Beat, and it’s about a girl that gets betrayed by her long time boyfriend. In an attempt to get revenge, she debuts as a celebrity, and the drama unfolds with the various events she experiences soon after.

Taiwanese actress Lin Yichen will be playing the leading female role for the drama (Kyoko Mogami--in manga). And Choi Siwon’s character is a successful celebrity that chooses business over his girlfriend. Although he is able to capture the hearts of women with his charismatic looks, he often looks back on his memories with his innocent girlfriend. (Si Won as Shou Fuwa)

Donghae will be playing the role of a top star, and he is regarded as having the best looks and acting skills in the industry. He is also a mysterious figure of the leading female’s childhood, having disappeared when they were both young. (Dong Hae as Ren Tsuruga)" -- taken from this site

Li Yichien (or Ariel Lin) is well-known Mandarin actress, so even if I don't really know her acting skill, she seems suitable as Kyoko Mogami. Her face is considerably cute--but I hope she can act both as plain looking ordinary Kyoko or role-acting mode Kyoko.

As Skip Beat's Fans, i personally want reversed role, Shi Won as Tsuruga and Dong Hae as Fuwa. What I suggested is based on the fact that Fuwa is depicted as an annoying, spoiled but talented singer, and his devilish handsome looks matched Dong Hae. In manga, he often come with sudden appearance that bothered Kyoko and sometimes revealed how self egoistic brat he was. Si Won (the good natured Si Won??) not matched at all.

Ren Tsuruga is a talented young actor that his acting skill is placed in highest regard (and a top-rated actor with wonderful acting skill) by Kyoko. Si Won looks more suitable as Ren(at least his handsome face). And,, what's more? I never watch Si won's movie or TV drama to judge his acting skill (I had been watching "attack on pin up boys" with Si-Won on it--but well,, it Suju movie,,). Haha, ah, but maybe I just like Si Won more than Dong Hae (even i'm not their fans but i watched their variety shows sometimes--because it's hilariously funny and entertaining). So I want he acts as Ren whom I definitely like more than Shou Fuwa.

If we considered the Ren Tsuruga's breed (he's half American) so Yuu Shirota would be suited (he's actually half Spain but well, it doesn't really matter). And if we considered 'a young talented actor' (because Ren Tsuruga only 20), Kenichi Matsuyama would be best suited, but it's only in my mind, sadly.

Oh, but i most positively certain the story plot would be very different from its manga, so maybe (just maybe) the casts suited.

Note :
Skip Beat is one of some manga that i followed routinely. The list is very short, only includes Skip Beat and Bakuman (luckily the chapters turn online almost after published in Japan).

Jumat, 16 Juli 2010


Pas searching materi penelitian, malah nemu buku berjudul Cobalt karangan Susan Watt. Sempat baca2 bentar dan menemukan beberapa fakta yang menarik mengenai logam ini.

Spirited Metal
Ratusan tahun yang lalu, penambang di Jerman mencari batuan yang mengandung perak. Tetapi terkadang batu yang mereka dapat tidak mengandung perak, justru mengeluarkan uap beracun ketika diekstrak. Mereka mengira telah disesatkan oleh makhluk penunggu tambang yang biasa disebut kobold (bahasa Jerman), atau goblin (bahasa Inggris) sehingga mendapatkan batu itu. Belakangan diketahui bahwa batuan tersebut mengandung elemen yang akhirnya diberi nama kobald (pertama kali diidentifikasi oleh Georg Brandt tahun 1735)merujuk pada sejarahnya. Asal muasal kata kobald: bahasa Yunani kuno untuk tambang adalah 'kobolos', dari kata 'house-spirit' dan 'tua'. Belakangan nama ini diadaptasi di Jerman manjadi kobold dan di Inggris menjadi 'goblin'.

Selain itu ada fakta menarik pada salah satu senyawaan kobald, yaitu kobald klorida (heksahidrat) ato CoCl2.6H2O yang kebetulan takpake dalam penelitianku. Ternyata kobalt klorida (heksahidrat) dapat digunakan untuk membuat ivinsible ink. Jadi ingat jaman kecil dulu mencoba membuat pesan rahasia dengan air perasan jeruk nipis.

Habis ini dicoba ahh, mumpung masih sisa sedikit di lab, hehe

Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Last movie I saw

Las week I got addicted with Liar Game, and trying so desperately to watch it just in 2 days. It's not a big thing since each chapter's duration less than an hour. So, here I am, trying to find the right words in English to describe the story.

Liar Game was a live action of manga (with same title) written and illustrated by Shinobu Kaitani. Up to now, has 2 seasons (Season 1 with 11 chapter and Season 2 with 9 chapter) and a movie, but the manga isn't completed yet.

Here the synopsis it's taken from Wiki-drama

Kanzaki Nao is an honest college student who receives a hundred million yen one day, along with a card saying she has been chosen to take part in the "Liar Game". The aim of the game is to trick the other players out of their hundred million yens. At the end, the winner gets the hundred million and the loser is a hundred million yen in debt. The next day, she receives notification that her opponent is her former teacher, Fujisawa Kazuo. She goes to him, seeking help, but ends up getting tricked into handing her money over. Desperate, she approaches the police for help, but they are unable to do anything. However, she is told of a mastermind swindler, Akiyama Shinichi, who is to be released from jail the next day. Desperate, she goes to him for help. -- Rikayla (Updated by Backalley)

And after that, Akiyama-san always help Kanzaki-san to win (or draw sometimes) in every stages they involved. It's including round 1-round 3 (Season 1), round 4, semifinal, and pre-final--to gain ticket to final (in Season 2), and finally the final (in its movie-- Liar Game the Finale Stage).

I'd only been watching Liar Game Season 1 and Season 2, and since the Final Stage released on March 2010 (in Japan), i haven't been watching it yet.

1. LIAR GAME Season 1

Round 1 : Deceived each other to gain ichi oku-en (100 million yen)

Round 2 : The contestants who won round 1 played "minority game", where each round a question with two options is presented, and those who voted with the majority are eliminated.
Revival Round : For contestants who lost in round 2 and a hundred million yen in debt (except Kanzaki)

Round 3 : Kanzaki, Akiyama and the seven remaining players from the revival round must participate in the third round as a team in a game entitled "Contraband" where the team who manages to smuggle more money through the other team's vigilance wins.

2. LIAR GAME Season 2

Round 4 :
Competitors are split into two groups whose members must compete among themselves in a preliminary round first.

Semifinal :
In the game called "Angel and Demon" where each person is given identities as Angel and Demon, "Angel" players must make contact with other Angel players in order to produce "Cross" and the Cross is used to change a demon to an angel. Those who have 4 Cross proceed to next round, and those who lose gt a hundred million yen in debt.

Pre-Final : A game called Gold Rush, it's basicaly the same as Contra Band (but instead of money, they smuggle a gold bar).

Sabtu, 03 April 2010

Pembuatan Etil Asetat Melalui Reaksi Esterifikasi

Sintesis ester ini merupakan salah satu materi praktikum di Lab Kimia Dasar FMIPA UGM. Mudah-mudahan dengan adanya tulisan ini dapat membantu praktikan untuk mengerjakan tugasnya. ^0^

Ok, let's begin

Suatu ester asam karboksilat ialah suatu senyawa yang mengandung gugus -CO2R dengan R dapat berbentuk alkil ataupun aril. Suatu ester dapat dibentuk dengan suatu asam karboksilat dengan suatu alkohol, reaksi ini disebut reaksi esterifikasi. Esterifikasi berkataliskan asam dan merupakan reaksi yang reversibel. Karena bersifat reversibel, untuk memperoleh rendemen yang tinggi dari ester itu, kesetimbangan harus digeser ke kanan yaitu ke arah produk (sisi ester). Percobaan ini menggunakan prinsip esterifikasi Fischer yaitu reaksi pembentukan ester dengan cara merefluks sebuah asam karboksilat bersama sebuah alkohol dengan katalis asam. Untuk pembuatan etil asetat, reaksi esterifikasi yang terjadi dalam praktikum ini:

Penjelasan lebih lanjut mengenai esterifikasi bisa dilihat disini.

Seperti banyak reaksi aldehida dan keton, esterifikasi suatu asam karboksilat melalui serangkaian tahap protonasi dan deprotonasi. Oksigen karbonil diprotonasi, alkohol nukleofilik menyerang karbon positif, dan eliminasi air akan menghasilkan ester yang dimaksud. Adapun mekanisme reaksi dari pembuatan etil asetat adalah:

Untuk setiap tahapan mekanisme esterifikasi yang lebih detail bisa klik disini.

Adapun Format Laporan Percobaan A-3 ini

yah, klo kayanya ga jelas tulisannya, bisa lihat versi pdf di Scribd.


Linear, branched, or cyclolinear polymers or oligomers can be fabricated easily by solution or melt-fabrication techniques. If a polymeric material that has been shaped and fabricated in this way is then cross-linked and pyrolyzed in an inert atmosphere to drive off the organic components (typically the side groups), the resultant residue may be a totally inorganic ceramic in the shape of fabricated article. Thus, ceramic fibers, film, coatings, and shaped objects may accessible without recourse to the ultra high temperatures needed for melting of the ceramic materials itself.
  Note, however, that although the final shape of the object may be retained during pyrolysis, the size will be diminished due to the loss of volatile material. If the  pyrolisis takes places too quickly, this contraction process may cause cracking of the material and loss of strength. Moreover, too rapid a rate of heating before or during the initial cross-linking step may cause the polymer intermediate to melt and lose its shape, or the polymer may depolymerize and the product volatilize. Thus, the temperature program or the sequence and rate at which the temperature is raised can have a profound influence on the final properties.

(Note: the use of techniques for the low temperature preparation of oxide ceramics such as silica, this process can also be used to produce alumina, titanium oxide, or other metal oxides)
  Starting in the 1950s a process was developed that leads from small-molecule silicon alkoxides such as tetraethoxysiloxane (tetraethyl orthosilicate), to organosiloxan oligomers and low polymers, and eventually to silica via a “low temperature” synthesis route. A simplified outline of the basic chemistry is shown in reaction (1)-(3), where R is an ethyl or higher alkyl unit. Any or all of the Si-OR bonds can be hydrolyzed to Si-OH functional groups, and these are able to condense to form Si-O-Si linkages. The linear polymers formed in reaction (1) can undergo further alkoxide hydrolysis to give the cross-linked species, also formed in reaction (2), and these cross-linked polymers may further  cross-link to give an ultra structure similar the one formed in reaction (3).

Moreover, step (1) could generate six-, eight-, or higher membered rings instead of chains and these rings may couple to yield clusters of ring (reactions sequence (4)). Although cyclic trimeric siloxane rings are shown for simplicity in reaction (4), the most probable products are cyclic tetramers and higher cyclics. Reaction (2) could also generate cage structures and these too could become linked to formed clusters. Subsequently, the alkoxy groups in the other boundaries of the ring or cage clusters can hydrolyze and couple to yield clusters of clusters, and so on. Ring clusters may, in principle, react with chain clusters or linier polymers to increase the structure complexity. Eventually a catastrophic gelation of the system will occur, and what was originally a solution or a colloid sol become solvent-swollen solid in the shape of the original reaction vessel or mold. Subsequent heating to drive off water and alcohol will complete the condensation process and leave an amorphous form of silica.
The complexity of this reaction mechanism is legendary. The reaction pathways and types of product change with variations in pH, the nature of the alkoxy group OR, the rate which water and alcohol are removed during heating, the type of solvent, the present of other metal alkoxides, or the existence of functional organic molecules that can enter into the condensation process. The addition of transition metal akoxides provides a means for the introduction of color into the final ceramic, an option that is useful for the fabrication of optical fillers, colored coating, or ceramic art object.
  Variations in pH, concentration, and temperature have a profound effect in the condensation pathway. Acidic media, high concentrations of reagents and lower temperatures favor the formation of chains or loosely cross-linked chains. Basic media, dilute solutions, or higher temperatures favor the formation of rings, cages, and cluster networks. (Figure 9.4)

Figure 9.4. Reaction conditions exert a strong influence on the course of sol-gel polymerization reaction. Basic pH, higher temperatures, and grater dilutions favor the formation of rings and rings clusters, as shown in the pathway on the left. Acidic pH, lower temperatures, and higher concentrations favor the formation of chains and dendritic structures.

Processing conditions also determine the types of products that are formed, as shown in figure 9,5. For example, fibers can be pulled from a system that contains colloidal clusters that have not yet gelled. Evaporation of a colloidal suspension or a solution may give a “xerogel” coating. Once the system has gelled, extraction of the remaining small molecules using a volatile solvent will leave an “aerogel” which has volume and shape, but is mostly unfilled space. Such materials have been used in flotation devices, lightweight structural materials, or filters. Evaporation of the solvent from a gel allows contraction of the system to a xerogel, and subsequent heating above the melting point gives a dense glass. This a way to produce lens performs. Composite materials called “creamer” are accessible if water-or alcohol-soluble organic polymer is included in the original reaction mixture. The organic polymer raises the impact resistance of the final ceramic.

This article is taken from :
Mark, James E., Allcock, Hary R., and West, Robert, 2005, Inorganic Polymers, second edition, Oxford University Press Inc., New York

Note : this page is incomplete, there are some pictures not uploaded, please wait for further improvement

Jumat, 02 April 2010


Just watched Orphan last night.
Actually I'm expecting something like The Omen, but unfortunately i missed

It's some kind of thriller/ murder/ insane person
Yah, like other Hollywood horror movies, with some bloody scenes, some murder scenes, and (I tell you) there were no spiritual phenomenon. But it successfully make my heart beat faster >_< and really want to beat Esther (the main villain--girl in movie poster) to death (lol)--and actually she die in last scene in freezing lake. Fiuuh,,

It's all began when Kate and John Coleman adopted Esther, a nine years old orphan to heal their lost from an unborn baby. She looked like a cheerful and mature girl, but inside she's evil. Whenever she go, she created trouble. Once she killed a woman from orphanage because she want to tracked down her origin, then she tried to kill Danny (son of Susan and john Coleman) because his attempt to reveal proof for her act. All of her actions aimed to protect her secret, and all revealed in last minutes (it's quiet surprising in fact)..

I want to give thumbs up for Isabelle Fuhrman who acted as Esther, she's a talented and beautiful girl (only 13 years old!!).

And it's some of Orphan's scenes

Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010

First Post

Sebenarnya aku sudah memiliki beberapa blog sebelum ini, satu blog entah dimana (dah ga keingat lagi alamatnya), satu blog di multiply. Tapi karena gmail telah berbaik hati menyediakan ruang khusus bagi penggunanya untuk nge-blog, akhirnya dengan senang hati kumanfaatkan..

So please support my blog and give any critics or comment to my post,, ^ ^